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Junior Elite Program (JEP) Update

Last Updated: Tue, 09 Jun 2020 13:18:16 +0500


June Playing Lesson Session

Our June session will take place on Wednesday, June 24 at the standard winter times: 8:00, 9:30, 11:00, and 12:30. I will meet each foursome on the first tee at Green Meadows in North East and will walk/ride along as they play the front nine. Golfers are welcome to play the back nine if they wish, after their session, and after 90 minutes (which should be about nine holes) I’ll slide back to the first tee for the next group.

8:00 – Moira, Izzy, Abby, Meredith
9:30 – Nick, Matt, Will, Tegan
11:00 – Breckin, Luke, Joe, Matt
12:30 – Brynn, Avery, Brooke, Katie

The green fees for the juniors (walking, bring a push cart if you’d like) are $12 for 9 holes or $17 for 18.


Ticket/Prize Drawings

The prize drawing is here… and I’ll each out to those people in the order their names were chosen to select among these prizes:

  • (4) Straw Bottle Tops for the JEP Yeti
  • (5) $10 iTunes/App Store Gift Cards
  • (7) Golf Evolution Waffle Towel

I’ll list the prizes each of the winners takes in order below, but for now, here’s the video:

Prize Selection:

  1. Matt C – Towel (1/7)
  2. Joe C – Yeti Lid (1/4)
  3. Moira E – $10 Apple Card (1/5)
  4. Katie C – $10 Apple Card (2/5)
  5. Brooke H – Towel (2/7)
  6. Meredith T – $10 Apple Card (3/5)
  7. Izzy B – Yeti Lid (2/4)
  8. Abby B – Yeti Lid (3/4)
  9. Tegan R – Yeti Lid (4/4)
  10. Avery B – $10 Apple Card (4/5)
  11. Breckin T – $10 Apple Card (5/5)
  12. Nick M – Towel (3/7)
  13. Matt M – Towel (4/7)
  14. Brynn M – Towel (5/7)
  15. Will N – Towel (6/7)
  16. Luke M – Towel (7/7)

Congratulations to you all, you got so many tickets this year!


GHIN Handicapping

When you play, please remember that you have a GHIN account. The app is very easy to use, does hole-by-hole scoring, and should work at just about every course you play. If you have any issues, please reach out to me so I can help. Keeping an accurate handicap is a great way to see the results of your hard work, and they update daily this year.


Individual Lessons

Remember that all individual lessons for JEP golfers are half off my normal $60 junior rate: so they’re $30 (plus the cost of any range balls, etc. if not done at Golf Evolution). I spend time at both Chautauqua Golf Club teaching there during the summer (you’re welcome to schedule out there, too, for $40) and traveling with Natalie to her events, but I’m home a few days a week and happy to see you all outside of regularly scheduled group sessions.


Junior Tours and Events

Here is a list of some junior tours and events in which JEP golfers can play:





Prior (May) Update


Golf Evolution

Golf Evolution remains open, as members have key cards that never stopped working, though for obvious reasons we recommend that you visit in limited numbers (parents can “self-quarantine” in the basement lounge area) and perhaps consider visiting in “off-hour” time slots (4-6pm is the time of heaviest usage). Please bring your own hand sanitizer and maintain social distancing from others. Wipe down common surfaces with the supplied disinfectants.

Junior Elite Program memberships remain good/active through October 31, 2020. Please keep tabs on your key cards as you will need to turn them in and/or use them in the fall of this year.

I am asking golfers to get their binder(s) from downtown at some point. They are the golfer’s to keep, and returning students next year will be able to use the same binder. The binder has games that can be played throughout the summer, and allows golfers to chart their progress.


April Sessions

Unfortunately April’s sessions had to be canceled, as did the prize drawing, etc. I still wish to draw prizes at some point, though this may be difficult, and  may have to do so virtually, reaching out to people via iMessage or something. Prizes include straw tops for the GE JEP Yeti bottles, $10 gift cards to iTunes/App Store, GE towels, and GE ball mark repair tools.

The current plan is to make up the April session throughout the summer, possibly by having an event day in August before golfers return to school.

30-Day Practice Plan — I did create a 30-day practice plan, not specifically for JEP students, but in a way that JEP students should have had all the tools needed to complete every drill in the series. You can find that video series, with notes, right here: https://golfevolution.com/30-day-plan/, and I encourage you to do it with your family.


May, June, and July Sessions

I had hoped to be able to have these at Millcreek Golf & Learning Center, but I am in talks with Green Meadows to have these sessions there. I believe the May sessions may be on the range as a refresher to help everyone get back into the swing of things, with June and July being on-course sessions. Small additional fees may apply (for range balls and/or greens fees). I will be setting this up soon as it’s now May, targeting the end of the month (when the weather improves).



Golfers, please make sure you download the GHIN app (for iOS or Android) and enter your scores (and stats if you wish) the same day you play. If you forget your GHIN #, just ask me, but please begin using the application. It will provide some great information to you and allow you to track your progress in the game. (Note that your handicap may seem lower at first until you enter about eight scores in, as newer handicaps are given a -1 or -2 deduction at first. Eventually, your best 8 of your most recent 20 scores count.)


New Coaching App

I am testing out a new app. Previously, I’ve used Hudl, but they’re seemingly not updating that software very often, and this application is free for students to use, too. It’s called “Golf Coach App” and the links to download it are here for iOS and here for Android. When you sign up, put my coach code “iacas” (no quotes) in. Do not pay for anything – I will mark you as being on a “free” plan when I see that you’ve registered. I think the app is pretty self-explanatory, but if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out and ask me.


Any Other Questions?

If you have questions — any questions at all — please don’t hesitate to reach out to ask. I’m happy to do my best to answer questions about the junior events you (or your golfer) can play in, for example, though as a general rule I encourage them to play in as many events as they can (while still providing some balance in week-to-week life) so they get used to putting their name up next to a number.