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Bonus Content

We’re looking forward to creating a bit more content. For now, please enjoy the 30-day indoor “COVID-19 Practice Plan” that we created in April, 2020. We’ll continue to add content to this page as often as we can, so check back frequently.

30-Day Practice Plan

In order for golfers to practice at home during the early days of quarantine in 2020, we created a 30-day practice plan that you could do at home or in your yard. The videos and plans, of course, aren’t only helpful during the early days of a pandemic, so you can view them here!

Instructional Videos

We’ve curated a few videos that we think would be great to watch. A small selection of our videos is available here. You can find additional content on our YouTube pages:

Lowest Score Wins

We wrote a book and produced a set of videos. Both of them are available at lowestscorewins.com.

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