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3D Motion Capture


GEARS is a full-swing club- and body-tracking system used by PGA pros, club fitters, and club manufacturers to measure and analyze every nuance of a swing, in FULL 3D, from address to follow-through. Built on the same technology used by biomechanists and filmmakers, GEARS is the most advanced motion capture solution developed specifically for golf.

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The Leader in 3D Motion Capture

< 0.2mm Accuracy

Through eight high-speed cameras mounted all around the golfer, GEARS can accurately measure over 40 motion capture points to less than 0.2mm of error!

Your game deserves the best!

Most systems rely on low resolution approximations of swing data, with algorithmic estimates filling in the gaps. GEARS provides hard data, actually measuring the entire swing as it unfolds.

Data. Lots of data. GEARS instantly analyzes over 700 3D motion captured images per swing. Between the club and the body, over 40 3D markers are tracked. GEARS provides significant insight into how the club and body move throughout the swing.

GEARS Club Data

  • Full Swing Path
  • Impact Location
  • Clubhead Speed
  • Deflection Droop
  • Shaft Deflection
  • Face Heading
  • In/Out Path
  • Loft
  • Lie
  • Angle of Attack

GEARS data is used by FlightScope, Trackman, and other launch monitor companies to verify their club data! It’s that accurate.

GEARS Body Data

  • Shoulder Angle
  • Hip Angle
  • Knee Angle
  • Toe Angle
  • Spine Angle
  • Major Body Lines
  • Kinematic Sequence

GEARS also measures things like pelvis or rib translation (lateral and vertical movement) and allows you to compare your swing to any other one in the system: whether that’s a previous swing you’ve made or an LPGA or PGA Tour player’s swing.


GEARS Sessions

Available Packages

Ready to “get your game in GEAR?” (Sorry, we’re pun fans.) We have a few options available below, or if you’d like to build a custom instructional package to suit your needs, we’ll work with you to create a great fitting program for your time and budget.

Note: Golf Evolution Members and Junior Golfers receive discounted rates. Local golfers may also purchase multi-packs of GEARS sessions at a discount. Contact Erik for more details.

Please wear tighter fitting shirts, bottoms with belt loops, and a baseball cap when you come for a GEARS session.

Had an 8-handicap player in earlier today. Blue is swing 1 (he’s been on @gears.sports enough times we didn’t need a bunch of “before” swings). Yellow is swing two. I told him only one thing between these two swings. What a change! #GetInGEARS #golf #PlayBetter ...

Had the ladder out so took this view! Spent time with this student over the weekend in @gears.sports working in a few things. His game has come a LONG way since he first started working. Consistently down, slightly out, with good speed. #golf #PlayBetter #GetInGEARS ...

A quick video showing the relationship between adduction and trail elbow bend. #PlayBetter #GetInGEARS ...

A two-part lesson yesterday, with both parts “pelvis” and “early” oriented. First, we tackled *really* early extension… in the backswing. This is common! Then, worked on falling forward “early” to get a forward shift. The changes were quite remarkable!

This golfer’s setup was good (I see a lot with weight in the heels) but he swung his left hip “around” an almost fixed right hip. This limited his turn and moved him closer to the ball as much as 1.8”! We worked on pushing the right back pocket BACK and through the wall.

Then we worked on his tailbone “falling” (very passive) toward the target what felt like just after his hands passed his belt in the backswing. This allowed him to create momentum forward so the “jumping” he already could propel him upward/around instead of backward.

I don’t often like to give a golfer TWO things to work on — it can be too much — but these are closely linked. The golfer’s AoA went from ±0.5° to -5° with his 7I, shaft lean increased ~5° also, and speed increased 2-3 MPH from 10-15° more turn in the backswing. #GetInGEARS

My hardest working student getting in some work on @gears.sports. ...

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“Our investment in GEARS continues the history of bringing the greatest technology to Golf Evolution. From SAM PuttLab to FlightScope launch monitors to SwingCatalyst/BodiTrak, the GEARS system is the latest world-class system we’re bringing to Erie, PA.”

– Erik J. Barzeski