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Golf Evolution has two primary locations to serve you best. We operate a year-round indoor facility right in the heart of downtown Erie, PA with a 2,000 square foot putting green, a semi-private teaching bay, five practice stations, a fitness professional, and a downstairs lounge with couches, large HD TVs, and a table tennis table. In the summer months, we are also at the Learning Center at Chautauqua Golf Club in Chautauqua, NY, with a private teaching range, multiple short game and putting greens, 39 holes of golf including three practice holes ranging from 120 to 170 yards, and more.

Downtown Erie, PA

Indoor Facility

Golf Evolution Indoor Academy

Learning Center at Chautauqua Golf Club

Outdoor Facility

Learning Center at Chautauqua Golf Club

Other Locations

David Wedzik and Erik J. Barzeski have trained hundreds of instructors, and some of the best have chosen to associate themselves with Golf Evolution in opening their own instructional facilities.

Rivermont Golf Course, Jones Creek, GA

Brian McGrew

Brian McGrew

Ames Golf & Country Club, Ames, IA

Stephan Kostelecky

Ames Golf & Country Club

Twin Lakes Golf Course, Santa Barbara, CA

Preston Combs

Don Parsons Golf Academy